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About Eros Kafe

Food, no matter what the form has always been a big part of the Dimitropoulos family. As a young man I knew Rundle St as a place where my father went to work and in the school holidays I would get up at 2am and help at his stall. I remember old Ruby in Ruby’s Café frying eggs and sausages and placing them on clean hessian bags from potato sacks to drain the oil.

The old market was a magical place for me and as a family we were sad to see it move out of the city fringe. At that time, my father decided to retire from the market. My mother had a fruit, vegetable and continental store in the western suburbs and she was a fabulous cook. She would tell me stories about how she helped her father in their taverna on the island of Samos where they used only home grown, local, seasonal produce to create their menu.

It was not long before I developed a passion for fine foods. Greeks need very little excuse for celebrations that involve family, friends, and loads of good food and wine. From our love of food and practice of sharing with family and friends, I opened my first Greek Kafe, Estia in 1984, named after the Greek Goddess Hestia, at Henley Beach with my mother as my mentor.

In 1995, I was fortunate enough to be offered a site at the East End. My inspiration would be Eros, the God of Love and in tribute Eros Ouzeri and Eros Kafe were opened, as it was my desire to create aesthetically attractive places that would complement traditional and modern flavours of Greek cuisine.

In 2007 after many successful years, great memories and good times, a family decision was made to sell Eros Ouzeri, which provided more time to focus on the Kafe and my family.

I trust you will enjoy what Eros Kafe means to me - a love of good food that can be shared with family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Join us for breakfast, a quick meze or leisurely lunch or dinner.

We are open 7 days and we invite you to experience the renowned Greek hospitality.

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