Eros Kafe Meze Menu

(traditional sharing plates)

Dip & Pita (gfo)

Choose from either Tzatziki (garlic, cucumber, yoghurt) Taramosolata (fish roe, lemon) or Htipito (feta, caper, chilli, herbs) with 2 pita bread
17 / Extra Pita 3

Selection of Dips (gfo)

A selection of all 4 dips with 2 pita bread

Pikilia (v)

Marinated feta, olive and artichokes

Bekro Meze (gfo)

Chef selection of marinated vegetables and meze served with charred pide and tzatziki

Dolmathes Yalaitzi (gfv)

Handrolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and tzatziki

Tiri Saganaki (gfv)

Grilled kefalograviera cheese served on a hot skillet. Topped with peppered figs

Halloumi Saganaki (gf)

Grilled halloumi cheese on a hot pan served with mulberry compot and olive and lemon evo dressing

Baked Feta Kaftiri

Oven baked deta with olives, cherry tomato, capers, dill and chili. With charred pide

Yigandes Plaki (gfov)

House made oven baked lima beans in a rich tomato salsa with feta and charred pide bread

Imam Baildi (gfov)

Grilled eggplant, pocketed with caramalised onion, tomato salsa, topped with tzatziki. Charred Pide bread

Spanakopita (v)

Filo pastry filled with spinach and feta. Oven baked and served with tzatziki

Kolokitho Keftethes (gfv)

Zucchini, feta & herb croquettes. Served with a tomato and coriander yoghurt
18.5 / 31


Greek skinless sausages of beef and pork. Chargrilled and served with a cracked wheat salad and roasted capsicum, eggplant yoghurt sauce
18.5 / 31

Keftethes Me Salsa (gf)

Traditional beef meatballs with fresh herbs and garlic baked in a rich tomato salsa + pilaf rice
18.5 / 31

Loukaniko (gf)

Spicy greek pork sausage char grilled and served with pilaf rice
18.5 / 31

Spetsofai (gfo)

Greek pork sausage pan tossed with onion & capsicum, in a rich tomato salsa served with charred pide.
18.5 / 31

Kotopoulo Tis Skaras (gf)

Marinated free range chicken thigh fillet, chargrilled with baked okra and spiced yoghurt
21 / 34

Arni Sti Souvla (gfo)

Spit roasted lamb shoulder, topped with red onion and herbs, tzatziki and pita
19 / 32.5

Arni Paidakia (gf)

Marinated slow cooked lamb ribs. Served with lemon potatoes and tzatziki
19.5 / 33

Garithes Souvlaki (gf)

Skewered large Australian gulf prawns marinated with garlic, fresh herbs and a hint of chilli chargrilled on aromatic pilaf rice
20.5 / 34

Garithes Saganaki

Large australian gulf prawns, pan tossed with onion, garlic & feta in a rich tomato salsa, served with charred pide
19.5 / 32.5

Htapodi Tis Skaras (gf)

Char grilled local octopus served with a warm broccolini salad
19.5 / 31

Kalamari Tis Skaras (gf)

Local squid, marinated and chargrilled. On a salad of rocket, artichoke, roast capsicum and roasted walnuts
18.5 / 30

Kalamari Tiganito (gf)

Local squid, lightly floured and fried, seasoned with sea salt and served with lemon aioli
18.5 / 31

Marithoula Tiganti (gf)

Local white bait with red onion and capers floured and fried. Served with ouzo aioli
18.5 / 31

Moussaka (gf)

Marinated chargilled swordfish served with a caper, tomato, chilli & olive salsa

Vegetarian Moussaka (gf)

A medley of chargrilled vegetables layered with a lentil ragu, topped with a creamy bechamel sauce. oven baked with a greek salad

Horiatiki Salata

Village salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion, capsicum, olives, feta & EVO dressing

Beetroot Sata (gf)

Roasted beetroot salad with rocket, chickpeas, walnuts, feta & aged balsamic dressing

Haloumi Salata (gfo)

A salad of grilled haloumi, rocket, sweet potato, marinated figs, pita, croutons & aged balsamic EVO dressing

Patates (gf)

Crisp oven baked potatoes, lemon, rosemary & sea salt

Patates Tiganites (gf)

Homestyle chips & crumbled feta
Vegan cheese available

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