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Psari Tis Imeras

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Garithes Saganaki (gfo)

Large Australian gulf prawns lightly tossed with spring onion, capsicum pan cooked in a rich tomato sauce and crumbled feta. Served with charred pide

Arni Brizoles

Marinated Lamb cutlets chargrilled medium rare. Served on a roasted pumpkin, cracked wheat, almond, raisin and fresh herb salad, and tzatziki

Moussaka (gf)

Chargrilled zucchini, eggplant, potato layered with a rich ground beef sauce topped with a creamy cheese bechamel. Oven baked and served with greek salad

Vego moussaka (gf)

A medley of chargrilled vegetables layered with lentil ragu and crumbled feta. Topped with a creamy bechamel sauce. Oven baked with a greek salad

Kali Orexi

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