Eros Dinner Banquet 1

$48.9 per person

(Minimum 4 people)

Dips and Pita

Tzatziki (cucumber, yoghurt and garlic)
Taramasolata (fish roe and lemon juice)
Htipito (caper, feta, chilli, fresh herbs) + pita bread

Tiri Saganaki

Grilled kefalograviera cheese served on a hot skillet and topped with peppered figs

Dolmathes Yalaitzi

Traditional herbed rice handrolled in vine leaves, slow cooked in a lemon broth. Served with tzatzikiDolmathes Yalaitzi


Greek skinless sausages of beef and pork. Chargrilled and served with a cracked wheat salad and roasted capsicum, eggplant yoghurt

Kolokitho Kroketes

Zucchini, feta and herb croquettes. Served with a tomato and coriander yoghurt

Horiatiki Salata

Village salad of cucumber, tomato, capsicum, onion, olives and feta dressed with herbed EVO dressing

Kotopoulo Tis Skaras

Marinated free range chicken thigh, chargrilled and served with baked okra and spiced yoghurt

Arni Sti Souvla (gfo)

Spit roasted lamb shoulder, topped with red onion and herbs, tzatziki and pita

Kalamari Tiganito

Local squid, lightly floured and fried, seasoned with sea salt and served with lemon aioli

The Greek Table

$59 per person

Minimum 4 people

The ultimate banquet. Let our staff work with you to design an authentic Greek experience.

Kali Orexi

Sorry no separate accounts unless by prior arrangement.

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